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Effective Listening

About the Training

Good listening behaviour significantly influences people's interpersonal relationships, their career, their future opportunties and success in life. When people feel listenend to they have the tendency to like the listener more, have the feeling they are appreciated and recognized. At the opposite, bad listening behaviour diminishes the impact one has on others and might reduce authority and influence. Hence, good listening behaviour is crucial for professional success and satisfactory relationships at work or in private life. Furthermore, effective listening contributes to productivity and executive functioning, applying effective listening techniques might significantly increase positive team contribution.

This course provides a basic understanding of the different stages of effective listening and goes way beyond the classical topic of active listening. The training focuses on listening as a tool and a set of behavioral skills to positively influence interpersonal relationships. Effective Listening is an essential competence in stakeholder management and when applied on the workfloor or in private contexts it will increase professional success and personal satisfaction.

Training Features

  • Participants understand the different stages of effective listening.
  • Participants acquire the tools and methods to apply effective listening in each of the stages.
  • Participants understand the impact of good and bad listening techniques on their interpersonal relationships.
  • Sessions include handouts and interactive exchange to maximize application.

Heisenberg International is member of the International Listening Association. The ILA is involved in listening in education, business, healthcare, hospitality, spirituality, music and many other fields. The ILA promotes the study of listening, exchange information, and pursue research into the ways in which listening can develop understanding in our personal, political, social and working lives.

International Listening Assocation

Training Information

  • Category: Fundamentals
  • Duration: 2, 4 or 8 hours
  • Audience: All
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