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About the Training

Stakeholder management as well as a strong network and interpersonal skills are more than ever key elements for success. Science has proven that stress and constant challenges force us to concentrate and narrow our view to ourselfves and to our immediate priorities. Over time, we have the tendency to turn inward and narrow our view tructurally resulting in missed opportunities, silo-working, reduced stakeholder management and a deteriorating professional network. Organisations and individuals could benefit from broadening their view through acquiering behavior that stimulates creativity,

This training transforms your employees in intra-, extra and entrepreneurs all in one go. It is an extremely powerful training ideal to increase cross-organizational collaboration and to improve interpersonal relationships. The trainins also concentrates on the different roles an individual can take in supporting the organisation and colleagues in achieving extraordinary results.

Training Features

  • Participants understand the types and benefits of multi-preneurship.
  • Participants understand the different roles they can play to support the organisation.
  • Participants acquire a number of tools and methods to improve stakeholder relationships.
  • Participants acquire a number of tools and methods to improve cross-organizational collaboration.
  • The training will be contextualized through practical exercises.

Training Information

  • Category: Advanced
  • Duration: 4 or 8 hours
  • Audience: All
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