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Training We Provide

Heisenberg International provides stand-alone training services, as training modules within development packages, integration in team events, as part of corporate development programs and a weekend or off-site retraites. In corporate environments, our trainng programs are particularly powerful when combined with other interventions such as Evidence-Based Coaching, Thought Leadership, Conflict Management and many others.


Insight and Awareness

Insight and awareness will teach the participants the importance of awareness as a basis for all aspects of personal development. The trainig provides tools and techiques to develop insight and awareness.


Effective Listening

Listening influences our relationships more than we realize. The course Effective Listening helps participants to understand the stages of effective listening and the impact of good or bad listening habits.


Changing Habits

Whether it is improving organizations or yourself, change integrates much quicker and easier when approached as a change in habit. This course teaches you how to embed new behaviour efficiently.



This training transforms your employees in intra-, extra and entrepreneur all in one go. It is an extremely powerful training ideal to increase cross-organizational collaboration and to improve interpersonal relationships.

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