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Changing Habits

About the Training

Routine is the key to successfully implementing changes in your life. When new behavior is adopted as a habit, people routinely and sponaneously demonstrate that behavior. Moreover, behavior that is adopted as a habit does cost us a lot less energy and defocuses us significantly less than behavior that we rationally need to apply.

This short course provides a basic understanding of how our brain works in terms of adopting new behavior. Different tools and techniques are explained and participants will understand what challenges they might face while acquiring new behavior. Combining this training with other fundamentals is a very powerful approach, providing participants the necessary understanding on how to efficiently embed the newly acquired knowledge into their daily practice.

Training Features

  • Participants understand the different ways to embed changes into their daily lives.
  • Participants acquire a number of tools and methods to efficiently adopt new behavior.
  • Participants understand the challenges related to adopting new habits.

Training Information

  • Category: Fundamentals
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Audience: All
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