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Evidence-based Coaching

What is Evidence-based Coaching

When organisations invest in their people, they expect to realize benefits with that investment, and have a minimum of assurance to see return on investments. There has been a growing body of research in coaching over the past decade, developing approaches and models that have proven to be efficient and able to deliver results. Especially the combination of coaching and training has been proven succesful in order to enhance personal development and learning.

Many organisations remain frustrated with classic coaching because of unsatisfactory results. Heisenberg International embeds evidence-based coaching and training in the context of the organization. This approach intensifies and accelerates the learning experience, enables coaches to follow-up the coachee from close-by and facilitates the coachee in transforming the newly acquired competences into immediate results.

Benefits of Evidence-based Coaching

  • Coaching facilitates the transfer of learning from the classroom to the workplace
  • Personalized action plans ensure continuity in acquiring and applying new behaviour
  • Greater self-awareness re-inforces the development of interpersonal behaviour skills
  • Coaching can greatly increase the motivation of employees, managers and leaders
  • Contextualization turns new behaviour into immediate results
  • Coaching can result in greater self-confidence and self-regard
  • Coaching can significantly increase mental strength and resilience
  • Coaching can result in an increased feeling of well-being and reduced stress
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