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We help to improve your performance

Heisenberg International converges Strategy Execution, Operations Management and Organisational Development to increase your organisational performance.

We distinguish ourselves through an evidence-based approach, our senior consultants and associates with extensive experience. We ensure we understand your people, processes, partners and customers and we genuinly care about your business.

Our mission

Our Mission is to improve your organisation through Contextualized Organizational Development.

Traditional approaches to organisational- and leadership development no longer meet the needs of organisations and individuals. One of the biggest complaints about executive education is that the skills and capabilities developed don't get applied to the job.

Through our unique experience and convergence between Organisational Development and Operations Management, we are able to apply Contextual Learning principles, delivering spot-on Leadership training in classroom or on-the-job, reinforced by individual or team coaching, focused assessments and organisational improvements.

    Characteristics of Contextualized Organizational Development

  • Learning and development is personalized
  • The learning experience is socialized
  • Learning is contextualized

  • Benefits of Contextualized Organizational Development

  • Helps leaders and managers to transfer learning from classroom to the workplace
  • Organisations benefit as much as individual learners
  • Customized learning tracks ensure maximum relevance
  • The close distance where skills are learned and applied increases adoption
  • Leadership- and soft skills are truly assimilated and applied
Improve your organisation with our

Contextualized Organisational Development

Evidence-based Coaching

We accelerate your employees', middle managers' and executives' personal development through evidence-based coaching. We draw on a range of evidence-based models taking into account the person, environment, problem to solve and learning style.

Team Performance

We increase collaboration and team efficiency through team coaching, training, assessments and conflict management.


Board composition, meeting structures, organisational governance, risk management, ... name it. Our senior consultants assist you in establishing the required governance structures to optimize your organisation's performance.

Accelerated Leadership Development

We accelerate leadership development through training and coaching, ensuring the newly acquired leadership skills are absorbed and applied in the relevant context, developing your high potentials to become high performing leaders.


We provide training in diverse leadership skills such as interpersonal behaviour, resilience, agility, emotional intelligence, listening techniques and more.

Thought Leadership

We are passionate about our field of expertise and can help you to establish a performant organisational development practice in your company.

Conflict Management

Whether you have a conflict between two valuable executives, a board or a management committee, a project team or some key resources, we mediate and facilitate towards a fruitful collaboration.

Change & Transformation Management

Whether you plan to execute a new strategy or you want to transform the culture of your company, we accompany your organisation through its journey.

Diversity & Inclusion

Science has proven that a diverse organisation provides a multitude of benefits. We help you to create that performant and diverse workforce through mutual understanding and acceptane.

Reinforce your organisation with our

Professional Services

Executive Interim Management

We provide specialised senior resources qualified in interim executive positions.

Recruitment & Selection

Our Talent Management, Recruitment & Selection is specialized in the field of Information Technology, Security, Privacy and Risk Management. We search, screen and assess candidates for permanent positions in your organisation.

Crisis Management

Do you want to prepare for a crisis in your market or non-market? You are facing a crisis today? Contact us and we provide specialized resources to accomodate your immediate needs.

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Develop your people with our

Featured training services

Increase performance by strengthening your people with interpersonal skills, Agility, Resilience and Behavioral Emotional Intelligence.

On-site training is one of the most effective ways to facilitate any of our Social Intelligence training programs. Our on-site trainer will be able to tailor the delivery to meet your group’s specific issues, challenges, culture, business and learning objectives.


SOCIAL STYLE for Managers

Managers and team leaders are the front-line of business success. SOCIAL STYLE training helps leaders communicate with every team member in a productive way and supercharges team performance with managerial specific exercises and focus.



From building initial rapport to dealing with objections and closing deals, relationships and communications drive sales success. TRACOM's sales-specific courses and assessments with a proven track record of boosting individual and organizational sales, create a high performance sales culture.


SOCIAL STYLE for Universal Audiences

SOCIAL STYLE skills supercharge the performance of individual contributors and are easy to provide for mixed groups or as an open enrollment class. TRACOM’s universal assessments and courses are easy to deploy with measurable impact.


Behavioral Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is proven to improve leadership performance, sales results and recruiting efforts. TRACOM's Behavioral EQ Model™ reflects the latest research in both brain function and performance. It focuses on the most important elements of Emotional Intelligence and those that can be successfully developed.


Resilience Training

Workplace stress and disruptive, fast-changing business processes are just part of today’s business world. And while change is a necessary part of daily business operations, it can have a negative impact on your employees. TRACOM has developed a unique model for evaluating personal Resiliency and more importantly, for developing Resilience skills that drive organizational performance.


Organisational Agility

The Unlocking Personal Agility assessment and training program create a powerful combination that both measures peoples underlying skills that lead to Agility and provides for a highly experiential training program full of very actionable techniques that help people generate and implement new and innovative ideas in their workplaces.

We are Available Worldwide

Heisenberg International works with dedicated senior consultants and associate partners to provide you with the right skills at the right time, at the right place. Our headquarters are based in Brussels, Belgium and we have a permanent associate partnership in Cape Town, South-Africa. We are available worldwide to assist our clients.

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