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Insight & Awareness

About the Training

Being self-aware and becoming aware of your environment is a fundamental competence on which personal development and performance builds upon. Science has demonstrated that there is a growing gap between how we see ourselves and how other see us, making the impact of our behaviour unpredictable and inefficient. Increased awareness benefits many aspects of life such as personal- and job satisfaction, interpersonal relationships, happiness and success. In addition, self-awareness helps to identify objectives and opportunities in life that are truly aligned with your strengths and aspirations.

This course provides a basic understanding of the different forms of awareness and how to develop the necessary skills to gain continuous insight in yourself, other people and your environment. The short form of the training concentrates on specific aspects of awareness while the longer training deepens de experience and is packed with exercises to immerse participants in the practice of observing and becoming aware of their internal and external environment.

Training Features

  • Participants understand the different types of insight and awareness.
  • Participants acquire a number of tools and methods to increase insight and awareness.
  • Participants understand the concept and acquire techniques to identify self-dilusion.
  • Sessions include extensive exercises and practices to maximize integration and application.
  • The training will be contextualized for professional or private contexts.
  • The training can be customized to accomodate specific needs or audience.

Training Information

  • Category: Fundamentals
  • Duration: 2, 4, 8 or 16 hours
  • Audience: All
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